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In todays economy, keeping a check on your assets can be time consuming, Non payment of equipment can drain resources very quickly .So we at Atlas Recovery will visit late payers and negociate a new payment plan to get that all important "Cash Flow" back on track, Or if you wish , to remove your equipment and deliver it back to you together with a full report of the condition of the equipment , be it computers , coffee machines, telephone systems,even cars & vans.

Computers will have there Hard drives cleaned .

All goods removed will be held in secure storage for your inspection and removal.


We also undertake Personnal Debt Collection in the public sector.


Over the past eight years Atlas Recovery has noted that many businesses would rather pay their arrears than see equipment be removed .


What company can function without its phone system / computers..??.


We Also serve Court papers and can undertake Private investigation and Insurance Fraud.


We at Atlas Recovery have 5 full time staff and 2 Fully Certificated Bailliffs, should your legal department require this.




For any further information please goto the contact page.